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Maintenance Tips for your Clear Retainer

What’s the Best Way to Wear My Clear Retainer? How long you will wear clear retainer depends on how your teeth began as well as your personal needs. Dr. Lee will give specific instructions for your condition. Generally, it is recommended that most patients wear their retainers for 20-22 hours a day after removing braces

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At what age can I bring my child to the orthodontist?

When is my child old enough for a visit to Dr. April Lee at Burlingame Smile Studio? You’re likely wondering when it’s appropriate to first take your child to the orthodontist, and we at Burlingame Smile Studio can provide answers. In line with the America Association of Orthodontists, it is recommended that parents can start

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How Long Will I Need to Wear My Braces?

Of course, when Dr. April Lee at Burlingame Smile Studio, serving Burlingame, Hillsborough, and Millbrae, says you need braces, one wonders: How long? However, the answer is as individual as you are. Three key factors will help an orthodontist estimate how long it will take to produce a successful smile: Your age. Children can see

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Why and When do Kids Need an Orthodontist?

Why do kids go to an orthodontist? Their dentist or one of their parents may recommend it because you have problems with your teeth or jaw. Or, if you don’t like the look of your teeth, you can ask your orthodontist Dr. April Lee at Burlingame Smile Studio in Burlingame, CA. Orthodontists treat children with

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Why do some adults need orthodontic treatment?

There can be many reasons why an adult can develop misaligned teeth or a bad bite and decide that it’s time for orthodontic treatment. Genetics can play one of the main roles in orthodontic problems like under and over-bites. Habits lingering since childhood, like biting lips or sucking the tongue or thumb can cause the

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Will I need follow-up visits with my orthodontist?

Visits with your orthodontist After your braces are installed, you will visit your orthodontist at Burlingame Smile Studio at regular intervals to check that your braces are in good working condition, and they can make needed adjustments. On average, you will likely visit him or her every 45 days for a checkup with braces are

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Who are Orthodontists and Why do I Need Them?

What exactly is an orthodontist? We associate a perfect smile with overall good health, and it is true that oral health plays an important role in your overall health. Misaligned teeth can lead to dental problems, including decay, gum disease, pain. Schedule an appointment with Dr. April Lee at Burlingame Smile Studio to learn more.

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First Orthodontist Visit

At what age should a child visit an orthodontist? There is no set age for a child to visit an orthodontist like Dr. April Lee of Burlingame Smile Studio – some children go at six years old, some children at 10 years old, and some go as teenagers. Even adults visit an orthodontist for treatment.

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Some background on Dental Retainers

Types of orthodontic appliances and holders Interchangeable appliances Burlingame Smile Studio specializes exclusively in orthodontics and we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your needs and concerns.In shape as a mouth guard, retainers (sometimes called holders) are small, personalized devices made of plastic and metal. The upper brackets fit into the roof of

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Types of Adult Orthodontic Problems

In adulthood, it’s common to see teeth begin to crowd toward the center of the mouth. It’s best to contact Burlingame Smile Studio with any concerns and to discuss your options for treatment. A normal bite may also shift with poor alignment because of a missing tooth. But it’s reassuring to know that no matter

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