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Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

tips to get your child to brush their teeth Burlingame

As a parent, it is not always easy to get your son or daughter to complete certain tasks. Oftentimes it is difficult to get children to want to brush their teeth twice per day. The good news is, you can find plenty of tips and tricks from a dental hygienist or dental websites.

We’ve rounded them up for you. Here is a list of tips and tricks to get your child to enjoy brushing their teeth:

  • Make a monthly chart with space on each day to put stickers for when your child completes a task like brushing their teeth.
    • This can also be used for getting your children to do other daily tasks and even chores.
  • Figure out what kind of toothbrush your son or daughter likes, whether that is one with soft bristles, one that vibrates, or something else.
    • Purchase “fun” toothbrushes.
      • Some toothbrushes have television characters on them.
      • Some toothbrushes play music or sing when activated.
      • Some toothbrushes have a bottom that is sticky so it can be stuck to the bathroom mirror.
  • Purchase flavored toothpaste that your son or daughter is more likely to want to use and enjoy.
  • Turn tooth brushing into a game. Find a way to make tooth brushing competitive and rewarding.
  • Download a toothbrushing app designed for kids. There are apps that have characters, role-playing games, timers, and music.
  • While this is not a way to get your youngster to brush their teeth, encouraging your children to chew xylitol gum over regular sugary gums is another smart tactic that is beneficial to their teeth.

There are plenty of ways you can get your kids to enjoy brushing their teeth. Learning to brush your teeth twice per day is an important habit because it is one that will stick with children throughout their lives and result in better oral hygiene. If your children take care of their teeth, they may have a beautiful, healthy smile in their adult and golden years.

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