Orthodontic Appliances

What Are Orthodontic Appliances?

Burlingame orthodontist Dr. April Lee offers multiple orthodontic appliances in Burlingame.Removable orthodontic appliances are used to retain teeth in their optimal positions, or to guide the growth of the jaws and facial structure. Appliances are often used in conjunction with braces, and are usually worn during or after treatment.

Removable appliances are not the right treatment for all orthodontic problems, but some patients respond favorably to these appliances. Dr. Lee can help you determine your needs and which kind of fixed or removable appliances might be beneficial for you.

Types of Orthodontic Appliances

  • Elastics: Elastics, or rubber bands, can improve your bite when worn with metal braces or Invisalign. You should wear your rubber bands as Dr. Lee instructs you to achieve the best results.
  • Headgear: Headgear is used to treat patients who require bite adjustments. The headgear gently pulls on the teeth to improve an underbite or overbite.
  • Palatal Expander: The palatal expander widens the upper jaw by placing gentle pressure on the upper molars. Dr. Lee will explain how you can adjust your expander to create more space in the jaw.
  • Positioners: Positioners can be used to complete the final movements of an orthodontic treatment. Patients usually only need to wear this appliance for four to eight weeks.
  • Dental Retainers: Retainers can be removable or fixed. They are used to hold your teeth and jaw in their new and improved positions, so you can maintain your flawless smile for a lifetime. It is important to wear your retainers consistently to avoid regression of your treatment.
  • Orthodontic appliance being applied to a Millbrae patient's teeth.
    Close up photo of an orthodontic appliance.
  • Separators or Spacers: Spacers can be placed between the teeth to push them apart and make room for orthodontic bands. Dr. Lee will remove spacers before continuing treatment.
  • Separators or spacers are one kind of orthodontic appliance available near Hillsborough, CA.

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