Treatment for Children

Early orthodontic treatment from a Burlingame children’s orthodontist is critical to ensure proper tooth alignment.When Should I Bring My Child to See the Orthodontist?

Dr. April Lee advises that patients follow the recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontists by bringing 7-year-old children in for an assessment. At this early age, a careful examination can ensure proper treatment and the healthiest smile.

What Does a Children’s Orthodontist Do?

A pediatric orthodontist aims to improve the look and function of a child’s smile by employing a variety of appliances and treatments. Orthodontists are responsible for fitting fixed devices like braces, which utilize gentle pressure to align teeth into the proper position. When you visit a children’s orthodontist your child will receive a thorough bite and teeth assessment. From there the orthodontist will determine which treatment is best suited for your child’s smile.

What are the Benefits of Early Orthodontic Evaluation?

When you bring your child in for an orthodontic evaluation, your child will receive benefits including:

  • Timely Detection: If your child does have pressing orthodontic needs, Dr. Lee will recommend an efficient treatment. The earlier we diagnose and treat orthodontic problems, the more comfortable and affordable treatment will be.
  • Guide Growth: With early treatment or close monitoring, Dr. Lee can guide your child’s jaw growth and development. This guidance will prevent serious problems from occurring down the road.
  • Plan and Prepare: Dr. Lee can tell you a lot about your child’s potential needs after a simple assessment. Your child will also have the opportunity to get to know our caring team and become comfortable with the way our office works.

“The kids felt comfortable with her. It was a smooth process.”—Tina

When Might My Child Need Early Treatment?

Early treatment can help your child by:

  • Creating space in the smile for crowded teeth to erupt properly
  • Promoting facial symmetry by influencing jaw growth
  • Reducing risk of trauma to protruding teeth
  • Protecting enough space for adult teeth to erupt properly
  • Reduce possibility for necessary tooth extractions
  • Reduce future orthodontic treatment time

All children should be seen by their orthodontist by age 7, but some of the indications that your child may need orthodontic attention include:

  • Difficulty chewing or biting comfortably
  • Mouth breathing
  • Finger, thumb, or pacifier sucking
  • Crowded or blocked teeth
  • Late or early loss of baby teeth
  • Popping and clicking sounds in the jaw
  • Crossbite, overbite, underbite, or open bite

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We hope to give your child a worry-free orthodontic experience and help them achieve their healthiest smiles. You can protect your child’s teeth and gums with a visit to Burlingame Smile Studio. Our staff will always treat you and your loved ones with respect and compassion. For more information about early orthodontic treatment or to schedule a visit, simply call, text, or email our office today!