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Self-Ligating Braces

One of the Fastest Ways to Straighten Teeth

Dr. Lee is pleased to offer her patients self-ligating braces. Self-ligating braces are an innovative way for our patients to achieve the radiant smiles they have always wanted. Not only will our self-ligating braces give you beautiful results, but they do so without ties or elastics.

Many patients avoid or dislike the old traditional twin braces because the ties and elastics make them uncomfortable. These orthodontic components can be unsightly, uncomfortable, and unsanitary. They also require more frequent tightening visits which increases patient discomfort during treatment. Self-ligating brackets allow for cleaner, faster, more comfortable results with fewer visits to the office.

Self-ligating braces use light and gentle forces without ties or elastics to give you a beautiful smile. Your path to a perfect smile can be faster and more comfortable than you ever thought possible with the help of self-ligating braces.

Enjoy Freedom With Self-Ligating Braces

Traditional braces incorporate elastics and ties to put pressure and friction on the teeth. This process can cause discomfort, more frequent visits to the office, and can even slow down treatment time.

Self-ligating braces allow teeth to move freely and easily. Self-ligating braces reduce patient discomfort and wear time, and they are available in metal or clear styles!

  • Self-Ligating Mini Metal: Self-ligating mini metal braces are similar to metal braces, but they keep a lower profile than traditional train tracks. Our mini metal braces are small and flat, and minimize irritation and sensitivity. It’s also much easier to keep mini metal braces clean than traditional braces, so you can discover a beautiful and healthy smile immediately after treatment.
  • Self-Ligating Clear: Self-ligating clear braces are translucent, ceramic brackets that provide a more professional aesthetic. Clear braces are less noticeable to everyone around you, and because self-ligating braces are so comfortable, they are even less noticeable to the wearer. Additionally, unlike plastic clear aligners, these ceramic brackets will not stain over time from foods and drinks—they’ll stay looking great throughout treatment!

With Self-Ligating Braces, You Can Benefit From:

  • Beautiful results sooner.
  • Shorter and pain-free appointments with your orthodontist.
  • Fewer visits to the office.
  • Increased comfort during the orthodontic treatment.
  • Improved facial proportion and appearance.
  • Greater comfort during every step of your orthodontic process.

Schedule a Consultation for Self-Ligating Braces in Burlingame!

Are you a candidate for fast-acting self-ligating braces? Dr. April Lee is here to help you evaluate your orthodontic treatment options. For children’s or adult orthodontics, simply call, text, or email Burlingame Smile Studio!


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