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Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontists are Specialially Trained and Experts at What They Do

Orthodontists specialize in the proper alignment of teeth and jaws and have dental training to give you the best smile, making them the right people for this type of treatment. Simply put, it is best to visit orthodontist, Dr. April Lee of Burlingame Smile Studio, in Burlingame, CA for a consultation. Here’s why: Orthodontists are specialists

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Concerns for Adults Wearing Braces

Bone Structure Issues While adults have many options for the types of braces to choose from, age should be considered when deciding to purchase braces. You and your dentist should consider bone structure, bone loss, and the length of time you will need braces. First, visit an orthodontist like Dr. April Lee of Burlingame Smile

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Self-Ligating Braces: Pros and Cons

Knowing which braces to choose can be difficult, especially when you consider the various factors that will affect your choice. Your orthodontic needs, budget, and lifestyle can affect which braces are best for you, so it’s important to know more about your braces. First, visit an orthodontist like Dr. April Lee of Burlingame Smile Studio

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What’s Involved with Two-phase Orthodontic Treatment?

Should Kids Visit the Orthodontist by Age Seven? Others sometimes say that seven years old is too young to go to an orthodontist. However, a quick glance at your child’s smile is likely to reveal that he already has many adult teeth. Nowadays, your child may already have eight of his upper and lower front

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Some Problems that Braces Can Cause and When to Call Dr. April Lee

Demineralization Demineralization is a serious condition. It happens when food left on teeth meets bacteria, creating acid. This acid depletes calcium and phosphate, causing “white scars” that look like chalky little white squares that outline the area where braces once were. Gingivitis Gingivitis occurs when the gum tissue around the teeth becomes inflamed and it’s

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Types of Occlusion

People can be self-conscious about their smiles if their teeth misalignment is obvious. There are many reasons why different people have different types of dental occlusion. It can be due to early behaviors or jaws alignment. There are a number of dental occlusion categories that someone’s teeth can fall under. It is best to contact

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Maintenance Tips for your Clear Retainer

What’s the Best Way to Wear My Clear Retainer? How long you will wear clear retainer depends on how your teeth began as well as your personal needs. Dr. Lee will give specific instructions for your condition. Generally, it is recommended that most patients wear their retainers for 20-22 hours a day after removing braces

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At what age can I bring my child to the orthodontist?

When is my child old enough for a visit to Dr. April Lee at Burlingame Smile Studio? You’re likely wondering when it’s appropriate to first take your child to the orthodontist, and we at Burlingame Smile Studio can provide answers. In line with the America Association of Orthodontists, it is recommended that parents can start

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How Long Will I Need to Wear My Braces?

Of course, when Dr. April Lee at Burlingame Smile Studio, serving Burlingame, Hillsborough, and Millbrae, says you need braces, one wonders: How long? However, the answer is as individual as you are. Three key factors will help an orthodontist estimate how long it will take to produce a successful smile: Your age. Children can see

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Why do some adults need orthodontic treatment?

There can be many reasons why an adult can develop misaligned teeth or a bad bite and decide that it’s time for orthodontic treatment. Genetics can play one of the main roles in orthodontic problems like under and over-bites. Habits lingering since childhood, like biting lips or sucking the tongue or thumb can cause the

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