Can I Wear Braces While I’m Pregnant?

can I wear braces when I am pregnant?

Pregnant women are advised to avoid many things such as taking certain medications and eating specific foods. However, there is rarely a reason why a pregnant woman should not undergo orthodontic treatment. It is usually considered safe for pregnant women to have orthodontic treatment, with some precautions.

Today’s message is for pregnant women interested in orthodontic treatment.

Oral Hygiene

Before commencing any orthodontic care, you need to address any pre-existing dental issues. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can result in swollen, sore gums and braces may irritate the gums.

Accelerated tooth decay is an issue that may arise during pregnancy. These changes can even influence the tooth movement. Maintain a rigorous oral hygiene routine to sustain optimal oral health. Brushing and flossing teeth regularly will help you avoid tooth decay during treatment. Pregnant women undergoing orthodontic treatment should also have frequent cleanings at their general dentist’s office.

Even though pregnant women have to eat for two, they should be careful to forego foods that can damage braces like popcorn, nuts, ice cream and sticky candies. Choose nutritious snacks to help keep teeth (and baby) healthy!

Dental X-rays

Your orthodontist will help you bypass having X-rays during your orthodontic treatment. Just make sure you notify your treatment team of your pregnancy, and they will work around any necessary X-rays. You will need a consultation before beginning orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist may be able to use prior X-rays when formulating treatment options.

Dental Office Visits

Because of changes in your teeth and gums during pregnancy, it is critical for your dentist to monitor your oral health. Consider more frequent visits to your general dentist. This will ensure that your braces are maintained well and your oral health is kept in check.

Your orthodontist and general dentist can counsel you on a treatment schedule that ensures careful monitoring during pregnancy.


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