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Concerns for Adults Wearing Braces

Bone Structure Issues

While adults have many options for the types of braces to choose from, age should be considered when deciding to purchase braces. You and your dentist should consider bone structure, bone loss, and the length of time you will need braces. First, visit an orthodontist like Dr. April Lee of Burlingame Smile Studio in Burlingame, CA for a consultation.

Unlike children’s mouths, the bones of an adult’s mouth stop growing. There may be a structural problem that cannot be changed with braces, only with surgery. Your dentist should check for bone loss before considering braces. Bone loss, which can be the result of gum disease, can also be a complication with braces.

Tooth Extraction Issues

Many adults have had one or more teeth removed in the past, which is a problem for your orthodontist. These places, except when they are restored, are not suitable places for teeth that need braces. Closing the gaps between the teeth by extraction can be difficult because adult bone does not respond to pressure in the same way as during bone growth.

Dental Appliance Placement

Many adult orthodontic appliances, such as lingual braces, bind your teeth with dental cement. Cementing your teeth means that it is important to maintain strict oral hygiene during the process.

Tooth Root Resorption

One of the risks associated with orthodontic treatment is the development of root resorption. Root resorption is the gradual loss of tooth structure that can weaken the support of your tooth. Root resorption is permanent, and the dentist will not be able to repair it. Several factors increase the risk of resorption, including genetics, tooth and bone anatomy, the force of chewing, and specific health problems. Factors related to orthodontic treatment include the force used to move the teeth, the direction of the tooth’s movement, the type of orthodontic equipment used, and the length and type of treatment procedures. Before orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will perform a careful examination of your teeth to determine if your teeth can grow into root resorption.

Other Factors

It is also useful to consider the psychosocial factors that play a role in and after treatment. Adults interested in braces are affected by many psychological and social factors. You may be optimistic about the perfect results, worry about their appearance, or ask about every step an orthodontist takes, such as the cost of treatment. It is normal to have questions or concerns before putting on braces, especially in adults. Remember, your dentist is here to answer your questions and give you inspirational oral health tips on your journey!

Your experience with braces may take longer than you remember with your high school and high school friends! Unfortunately, adults have treatment that lasts about two years on average. The time required will vary depending on the condition of your teeth. Even if you have to prepare for a longer course, the results are worth it!

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