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Maintenance Tips for your Clear Retainer

What’s the Best Way to Wear My Clear Retainer?

How long you will wear clear retainer depends on how your teeth began as well as your personal needs. Dr. Lee will give specific instructions for your condition.

Generally, it is recommended that most patients wear their retainers for 20-22 hours a day after removing braces for the first 2 months. Yes, that means day and night removing it only to eat and brush your teeth.

After about two months, patients can switch to just nighttime wearing of retainers.

However, it is recommended that patients continue every night for an indefinite period (or as long as you want your teeth to be straight).

What is the Best Way to Store My Clear Retainer?

 When a retainer is not in your mouth, it should be in its case. This is really the best place to store it. Bad things can happen when a clear retainer is left out of its case. These are just some of the potential accidents that can happen:

  • Your dog chews on it.
  • Gets accidentally thrown in the garbage.
  • Accidentally gets stepped on.
  • It gets lost.

With any of these circumstances, you can no longer wear your retainer and have to get a new one. Here’s a saying to help you remember where your retainer should be at all times: “It’s in your face or in your case”. If you can follow these instructions, you shouldn’t have any problem keeping your clear retainer safe.

 When Should I Replace My Retainer?

Clear retainers are a bit like glasses. For some people, their glasses can last for several years. Others may need to change their glasses every six months. One thing is for sure – a single retainer will likely not stay with you all your life.

Here are some reasons why someone might need to replace their clear retainer:

  • If you grit your teeth at night and damage it.
  • If you lose or lose a break your device.
  • If you stop wearing it and your teeth change position.

If any of the above occur, replace your device.

For most people, a single set of retainers will last them 2-5 years. Plan on replacing your retainer periodically.  Your orthodontist may have an option to pre-purchase multiple sets of retainers so you can have plenty of replacement clear retainers ready to use at a moment’s notice.

To get a better understanding of how to wear your clear retainers reach out and contact Dr. April Lee at Burlingame Smile Studio.

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