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Reasons for Senior to say Yes to Orthodontics

Teeth can be safely transplanted at any age if no active periodontal disease is present. Unfortunately, many seniors and their dentists do not consider orthodontics to be a practical option because they think it is a solution primarily for young people. As a result, a large part of the population is inadequately serviced and suffers needlessly. Maybe you’re in that group. You may secretly wish you could do something about your crowding, distance, bite, or TMJ problems, but you feel hopeless, you think the time for progress is over. Or maybe you’re lucky to have good teeth or have had braces before, but suddenly you realize that things are starting to change and you’re worried about what will happen next. If so, read on to find out why orthodontics for seniors – and we don’t mean high school seniors – should be studied.

  1. Americans are living longer now. The average life expectancy in the US is now 79. * That means you can expect to reach almost three decades after your 50th birthday. A long time to walk with a smile or bite that makes you unhappy. You want to keep your natural teeth for a long time – unless the solution to decayed and missing teeth, expensive crowns and implants, or full teeth appeals to you in the coming decades! On average, a year or two of investing in orthodontic care seems positive when you consider how many years you can move forward. And you will be part of a growing trend in orthodontics where we see more and more adult patients.
  2. Many seniors are preparing for new beginnings. Retirement is not like before. Older people nowadays usually do not sit quietly at home in a chair. They start new businesses, join communities, and engage in new sports, hobbies, and adventures. And their dating and social life can be more active than the average teenager! You want to enhance every relationship with a healthy and attractive smile – because there are many more smiles! Remember that people love to deal with confident, happy people, and the confidence that brings a wide smile is important, regardless of age.
  3. Orthodontics can promote health and prevent problems. Orthodontics is more than just aesthetics; it is also about proper operation and maintenance. Orthodontic treatment can:A) Improve efficiency.
    B) Correct alignment for better oral hygiene.
    C) Fix your bite to avoid tooth wear.
    D) Combat negative changes.

    E) Avoid/limit future problems. 

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