Should You Let Your Teen Get An Oral Piercing?

dangers of oral piercings Burlingame

An increasing number of Burlingame teens are sporting tongue, cheek, and lip piercings.

What can you do if your teen wants to get an oral piercing?

The team at Burlingame Smile Studio advises parents to give a firm ‘No.’

Some reasons why teens should avoid oral piercings:

  1. Excessive drooling
  2. Chipped teeth
  3. Infection
  4. Hypersensitivity to metal
  5. Nerve damage

Let’s discuss these dangers in more detail.


Lip and tongue piercings let teens express their personality and creativity. But they can cause repeated drooling. I doubt your teen is enthusiastic about that prospect. But, interestingly, some are more worried about drooling than nerve damage.

Broken Teeth

Another vital reason to keep piercings away from your mouth, lips, and tongue, is because having any metal in your mouth can chip your teeth. This can happen while eating, drinking, or sleeping.

Does your teen already have a tooth that’s broken? Take care of these cracks before the whole tooth is in danger.

Small cracks in a teeth can be filled, or crowned. But often youth with piercings come in with more serious problems. These may require a root canal or tooth extraction.


The mouth is a haven for bacteria. When tissue is pierced, bacteria can enter the bloodstream. Neglecting proper brushing habits can increase the risk. Touching the piercing with dirty hands can also introduce bacteria.

Hypersensitivity to Metal

Metal piercings can bring about a hypersensitivity to any metal in your mouth, such as silverware. This is problematic for any they like to eat.

Moreover, there is a risk of an allergic reaction at the piercing site. If your teen is aware of a sensitivity to certain metals, they can get the piercing in a metal that doesn’t cause problems. But your adolescent is still at risk of the other risks discussed here.

Nerve Damage

This is the scariest. Piercings put your son or daughter at risk of irreversible nerve damage. If the previous dangers don’t dissuade your , this one should. Experiencing a numb tongue is usually temporary. But for some adolescents, it has become permanent.


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