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Smile Asymmetry: Do You Have Midline Misalignment?

San Francisco Cosmetic DentistsWhen the front teeth do not line up with the facial midline, it is called a canted midline or midline misalignment.

What causes midline misalignment?

Smile symmetry is influenced by:

  1. The position of the teeth in the mouth
  2. The size of the teeth relative to the size of the jaw
  3. Whether the jaws fit together normally.

When the jaws don’t fit together normally, it is due to an underbite, overbite or crossbite. A crossbite is relatively rare but it can cause a canted midline.

In most cases, a canted midline is not the result of a bite issue. The teeth are simply not positioned symmetrically.

  1. Crowded teeth: if there is not enough room for your teeth, they jockey for position, so to speak. Crowding can cause an imbalanced smile.
  2. Widely spaced teeth: some men and women have too much room for their teeth and the teeth don’t line up equally as seen from the front.
  3. Missing teeth: having a tooth (or teeth) extracted on one side can cause the remaining teeth to gradually shift out of their initial position in the mouth. When the two front teeth move to one side, it makes the smile asymmetrical.

Many individuals do not understand the level of 3-D engineering required to plan and monitor orthodontic care. In addition to the orientation in relation to the facial midline, there is also the angle and size of the teeth in relation to each other and in relation to the size and shape of the lips and gums.

Can braces correct a canted midline?

How can you make your smile symmetrical and balanced? If you have an imbalanced smile, you are a well-suited candidate for orthodontic treatment. In the vast majority of cases, orthodontic treatment can make your smile symmetrical and balanced.

When you have a smile design consultation with Doctor April Lee feel free to ask probing questions about Doctor Lee’s experience and technical design procedures. Look at the pictures of some of our patients who had an assymetrical smile corrected.

We are confident that you will feel comfortable choosing Doctor Lee for your othodontic treatment.

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