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The Latest Dental Technology at Burlingame Smile Studio in Burlingame

Affordable Smile Makeovers In San Francisco

Hello friends of Burlingame Smile Studio, today we’re talking about the modern dental practice in California. Dentistry is a field of continual innovation. There are always new and improved ways to help San Francisco residents have the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible.

First, we’ll talk about advances in general dentistry and then we will review some orthodontic-specific advances.

Digital X-rays

Many dental offices in the San Mateo, San Bruno, and Hillsborough areas have found that switching to digital X-rays makes for more efficient appointments. Also, the dental images can more easily be stored in a patient’s computer file and compared with past images.

Diode Lasers

Diode lasers are innovative instruments that allow your San Francisco area dentist to detect bacteria levels in your mouth as well as find and treat cavities.

CAD Dental Technology

For Burlingame patients interested in cosmetic or restorative dentistry, CAD (computer-assisted design) technology can allow procedures that involve crowns and bridges to be done in fewer appointments.

Now, let’s discuss the latest orthodontic technology.

In-Ovation Braces

In-Ovation is a brand name for a leading type of self-litigating system. Self-ligating brackets are also called free-sliding. Each bracket is a permanently-attached, moveable device that holds the archwire.

Self-ligating braces use small metal “doors” to hold the wires instead of the elastics used with traditional braces. This provides more incremental, gentle pressure to move teeth.

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are any form of braces system that is clear and difficult to see in the mouth. Some examples of invisible braces are:


Invisalign is the trademarked name for one of the first and probably best-known aligner braces system. It uses see-through retainer-type appliances that can be removed from the mouth when the person needs to eat, brush their teeth, or floss. Invisalign retainers are replaced with progressively tighter retainers every 4-6 weeks, just like one would do to tighten traditional metal braces.

Clear braces or ceramic braces

Clear or ceramic braces are like conventional metal braces, except they are clear rather than metal, and they are not as visible as metal braces.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are a type of braces that are placed on the inner sides of the teeth, rather than the outsides of the teeth, like traditional metal braces.

I’m Doctor April Lee. My practice, Burlingame Smile Studio, is located at 1740 Marco Polo Way Ste 12, and our friendly dental team is always ready to welcome new patients.

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