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Unlock Your Perfect Smile with Orthodontic Headgear

Unlock your perfect smile with orthodontic headgear in Burlingame.Embarking on a journey towards a straighter smile often involves various orthodontic tools, and for some patients, that includes headgear. At Burlingame Smile Studio, we understand the importance of this aspect of braces treatment and strive to make it as comfortable and effective as possible for our patients.

What is Orthodontic Headgear?

Orthodontic headgear plays a crucial role in braces treatment by applying gentle forces to guide the growth of the face and jaws while promoting proper tooth movement. At Burlingame Smile Studio, we prioritize your comfort and will work closely with you to address any concerns or questions you may have regarding headgear.

Types of Orthodontic Headgear

There are two primary types of orthodontic headgear:

  1. Cervical Pull Type: This type of headgear features a U-shaped wire attached to bands on the back teeth and a strap worn behind the neck. It is typically used to correct horizontal overbites or excessive tooth spacing and is usually worn for 12–14 hours per day.
  2. Reverse Pull Type: Also known as “facemask” headgear, this type is used to correct underbites by gently pulling the upper jaw forward to meet the lower jaw. It consists of pads worn on the forehead and chin and is typically worn for 14–16 hours each day.

Maintaining Your Headgear and Oral Health

Proper care and maintenance of your orthodontic headgear are essential for successful treatment. Here are some tips provided by our team at Burlingame Smile Studio:

  • Be cautious when removing your headgear to avoid injuring your lips, cheeks, or face.
  • Always disconnect the straps before removing the headgear.
  • Avoid lifting the headgear over your face.
  • Refrain from wearing headgear while engaging in physical activities or sports.
  • Bring your headgear to every appointment so we can assist you in caring for it.
  • If you experience discomfort during the adjustment period, over-the-counter pain medication and a soft diet can help alleviate symptoms.

Your Smile Journey Starts Here

While wearing headgear may seem like a significant commitment, our caring team at Burlingame Smile Studio is here to support you every step of the way. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted with personalized treatment and compassionate care.

Don’t let orthodontic headgear or braces hold you back from achieving your dream smile. Schedule a consultation with Burlingame Smile Studio today, and let us help you unlock the full potential of your smile!

Contact Dr. April Lee at Burlingame Smile Studio we serve Burlingame, CA, Hillsborough, and Millbrae.

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