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What’s Involved with Two-phase Orthodontic Treatment?

Should Kids Visit the Orthodontist by Age Seven?

Others sometimes say that seven years old is too young to go to an orthodontist. However, a quick glance at your child’s smile is likely to reveal that he already has many adult teeth. Nowadays, your child may already have eight of his upper and lower front teeth along with canine teeth. The arrangement of these teeth can often reveal a lot of information about how much of their smile will need correction in the coming years. For example, long teeth with a large hole between them may indicate that your baby does not have enough space in their mouth to get adult teeth. First, visit an orthodontist like Dr. April Lee of Burlingame Smile Studio in Burlingame, CA for a consultation.

The First Phase Does Not Always Include Braces

You may also be concerned about how your child will be able to wear braces if they still need help brushing their teeth, however there’s no need to worry. Many children do not have to wear braces during the first phase of treatment. However, your baby may need to use devices that help create space in the mouth, such as a palatal expander. This will really prevent your child from wearing braces later.

Kids Take a Break During Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

No, your child will not wear braces or other orthodontic appliances for years to come. Most children complete the first phase of treatment in about a year. This means that a child who starts treatment at the age of seven or eight, after completing the first phase, has a period of waiting for adult teeth to come in.

The main goal of such early orthodontic treatment in some children is not just to beautify their smiles. It is only recommended to stay at this level of treatment when it is only recommended to stay at this level of treatment when waiting can lead to many problems. people are still in a phase of life where their jaw is still growing, and we can do things to change the shape of the jaw before a bad shape becomes permanent. In some cases, using braces now may even save your child from surgery later.

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