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Will I need follow-up visits with my orthodontist?

Visits with your orthodontist

After your braces are installed, you will visit your orthodontist at Burlingame Smile Studio at regular intervals to check that your braces are in good working condition, and they can make needed adjustments. On average, you will likely visit him or her every 45 days for a checkup with braces are on, and then every few months after braces with retainers. That could total between 20-40 appointments throughout your treatment.

A top-notch orthodontist such as Burlingame Smile Studio meets all the strict health and safety regulations, to offer you the best treatment in a safe and comfortable environment, with high-tech dental equipment, including digital x-ray machines, sophisticated 3D intra-oral scanners, state of the art sterilization equipment as well as high-quality dental instruments and materials.

Whether it’s a quick visit or a major restoration with more work required, your expert orthodontic team and high-quality equipment will be on hand to make sure your treatment is successful.

Urgent care visits

While not very frequent, orthodontic emergencies can happen, and emergency visits to your orthodontist are can sometimes be part of your overall treatment package.

You might need to make an appointment if you experience any kind of trauma, for example, if you have an accident while playing sport that affects your teeth or braces. Additional unscheduled appointments to address minor issues like broken braces or wires are also usually be managed.

Your retainers and follow-ups

Your orthodontic path doesn’t stop when your braces are removed. It’s typical you can require two or more years of follow-up care to make sure your teeth stay aligned and don’t slip back into their original positions.

The follow-up treatment will start off with fitting you with retainers to give your teeth the best chance of staying put, all of which is included in the original orthodontist fee.

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