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Some background on Dental Retainers

Types of orthodontic appliances and holders Interchangeable appliances

Burlingame Smile Studio specializes exclusively in orthodontics and we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your needs and concerns.In shape as a mouth guard, retainers (sometimes called holders) are small, personalized devices made of plastic and metal. The upper brackets fit into the roof of the mouth, and the lower ones can be removed or permanently attached to the lower teeth. Holders are most often used after wearing braces to keep the teeth in position. In other cases, orthodontic patients may wear removable devices to close cavities or spaces between teeth or to move a single tooth. In these cases, prostheses are not needed; mobile appliances are sufficient. Interchangeable appliances can also help with speech problems or certain medical conditions. Some interchangeable devices – called cage holders or holders – contain small metal rods that hang from the roof of the mouth. These devices prevent the tongue from moving forward between your teeth as you speak.

In addition, mobile devices can help people with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. This disorder usually occurs as a result of bite problems, such as malculosis or bruxism (gnashing of teeth during sleep). Digestion stretches the muscles and joints in the mouth and jaw, which can cause jaw pain, headaches and ear pain. Night watchmen help by preventing the mouth from closing completely at night, preventing gnashing of teeth.

During the first months of treatment, most patients (children, teenagers and adults) should wear protectors at night. The holders are often worn for several years. Some pressure and pain may be felt during the first few days of treatment, but the discomfort soon disappears. When holders are advised to correct a minor bite without the need for dentures, the price can vary greatly. Check with our office to discuss your unique situation and schedule an appointment to go over a treatment plan that will work for you or your family.

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