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Types of Occlusion

People can be self-conscious about their smiles if their teeth misalignment is obvious. There are many reasons why different people have different types of dental occlusion. It can be due to early behaviors or jaws alignment. There are a number of dental occlusion categories that someone’s teeth can fall under. It is best to contact Dr. April Lee at Burlingame Smile Studio in Burlingame, CA to better understand any problems you may be having.

  1. Underbite

This one is commonly seen in children and occurs when the lower teeth are more prominent compared to your upper teeth. This can happen if either your upper jaw doesn’t grow as quickly or when the lower jaw overgrows, or both.

If left untreated, it can cause serious problems like enamel damage, jaw tension, and fast tooth wear. Orthodontic treatment is one of the solutions to solve this.

  1. Overbite

An overbite means that the upper jaw protrudes over the lower jaw. Depending on how severe the misalignment is, the front teeth can even damage the gums.

Overbite can also cause damage to tooth enamel and can weaken gums, leading to periodontal issues and many other issues. Using a palate expander or braces can fix this.

  1. Crossbite

There are two types, an anterior and a posterior crossbite. The anterior occurs when your lower teeth fit behind your upper teeth. A posterior crossbite happens when your upper teeth fit behind your lower teeth.

It is best to have a crossbite fixed to avoid any serious problems, as it can result in an uneven facial appearance and jaw growth

  1. Crowding

Crowding of the teeth occurs when a person has larger teeth than usual or a relatively small mouth. Results can include overlapping or rotating of the teeth and can cause misalignment.

Treatment for crowding includes orthodontics, tooth extraction, a palate expander, or surgery. If the patient is still a child, it is possible to remove some of the teeth to balance out the overcrowding.

  1. Overjet

Overjet shouldn’t be confused with an overbite, as the upper teeth are even more severely protruding. It can cause serious problems with chewing, biting, and drinking.

Overjet can be genetic but can also happen because of bad oral habits including thumb sucking. Orthodontic treatment can fix this type of teeth occlusion, or you can opt for dental bonding, veneers, or crowns.

  1. Open Bite

A crossbite, like an open bite, has two types. When a person has an anterior open bite, it means that their front teeth close shut but their back teeth don’t. On the other hand, a posterior open bite means that the back teeth close but the front teeth don’t.

An open bite can be a result of bad habits including thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. A person can also experience difficulty in swallowing and speech. It is important to let go of the bad oral habits to keep from making it worse. A person can also opt for braces or surgery.

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